With one baby already here and another on the way in just a few months, Thomas Rhett and his wife have spent lots of time preparing his bus for parent life.

Last week, Thomas and Lauren finally welcomed their daughter Willa Grace to the United States. Over the past few months, the happy couple has been preparing for the arrival of both of their adopted and natural daughters. And they started with Thomas's main living space - his tour bus.

“So we took one whole side of bunks out and made a crib and like drawers. And then on the other side we knocked out two bunks and put two dog crates under there, so literally there’s one bunk left on our bus. But we’re now gonna have to get rid of the dog crates and probably add another crib because of the two babies, so it’s pretty nuts.”

They will be spending plenty of time on the bus as he continues his Home Team tour though out the year.

Photo: Getty Images